Below is a list of recent Deployments.  We are in the process of collecting data for all deployments in the near future.

Year Location Type
2021 Kentucky Tornado - Incident Support Team
2021 In State Hurricane IDA Flooding
2021 Louisiana Hurricane IDA
2021 Tropical Storm Henri
2021 Surfside, FL Building Collapse
2021 In State Presidental Inauguration NSSE
2020 Hurricane Sally/Wilfred - Incident Support Team
2020 Oso, OR Wildfires - Incident Support Team
2020 Hurricane Laura - Incident Support Team
2020 Philadelphia PA - Citizens Bank Park COVID-19 Testing Site
2019 Florida Hurricane Dorian
2018 Carolinas Hurricane Michael
2018 Hurricane Florence
2017 Georgia Hurricane Maria
2017 Hurricane Irma
2017 Texas Hurricane Harvey
2016 Louisiana Flooding - Incident Support Team
2016 Mississippi Hurricane Matthew
2015 Hurricane Joaquin - Incident Support Team